The Dyer County Sheriff's Communications Division is a 911 Public Safety Answering Point staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Sheriff’s Communications Center provides the highest quality, professionally competent public safety services to Dyer County residents.

Dyer County 911 Public Service Announcement 


Sheriff Jeff Box

Mike Boals, Chief Deputy

In 2011, Dyer County Sheriff Dispatchers processed over 11,611 calls for service with approximately one-third of those being 9-1-1 calls. In addition to providing communications services to the various divisions in the department, also provides dispatch for Fire & EMS calls in rural Dyer County.


Jeff Box, Sheriff

Mike Boals, Chief Deputy

Lt. Alan Bargery is the Jail Administrator for the Dyer County Sheriff's Office.
In 2003 the Dyer County Jail began operating a 184 bed, state of the art, correctional facility. Located at 401 East Cedar Street in Dyersburg. We are proud to be known for jail programs that attempt to prevent inmates from returning to jail. These programs contribute to the saving of taxpayer dollars and reduce crime in our community. Such programs include drug & alcohol addiction, anger management, family values, parenting, jail ministry, GED, and inmate work programs.

Lt. Bargery is a former Associate Warden at the NorthWest Correctional Prison Facility. He was responsible for the secuity of 2,500 inmates. He has over 30 years combined prison experience from the Tennessee Department of Corrections and Corrections Corporation Of America. He joined our facility in 2010.

Sheriff’s Chaplains are ordained members of the clergy who donate their time and talents in partnership with the members of the Dyer County Sheriff’s Office in service to our communities.

Our Chaplains are volunteer members of our department that assist staff members and the community by providing confidential, compassionate and caring support during both emergency and non-emergency situations that occur.

They also have assisted first responders at natural and other disaster scenes under a unified command structure. Chaplains serve without denominational identification on a 24 hour 7 day a week availability. Each of our Chaplains receive training from the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC). This training enhances their abilities and better prepares them to serve within a law enforcement environment.

Terry McCreight is the Chief Investigator of the Criminal Investigation Division.

This division is responsible for all felony crimes. These Investigators all have specialized training so that they can assist the members of the community when a crime has occurred. The division is comprised of investigators who work all the felony cases such as homicides, home invasions, kidnapping, grand larceny, bomb threats, felony child abuse, rapes/sexual assaults, fires, cyber crimes and any others that come in to their office.

Investigators are also on call to assist with high risk arrests/warrant service, other manpower intensive investigations and suppression of criminal activities targeted by the sheriff.






Lt. Kenny Gibbons

The Dyer County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is tasked with patrolling over total area of 526 square miles of which 510 square miles is land  and 16 square miles of waterways.

Dyer County is bisected by U.S. Route 51, a major highway connecting Memphis with Chicago from south to north.

To the west, Dyer County is connected to Missouri by Interstate 155 over the Mississippi River which borders the state of Arkansas.

These entities make Dyer County a throughfare for criminal activity which are suppressed by a proactive Dyer County Sheriff's Patrol Division.