Marking leads to recovery of stolen property.

Due to the widespread concern for the increase in the number of thefts in the rural communities, the Owner Applied Number crime prevention program has been initiated in our state for the identification of farm machinery, equipment and even household goods.

O.A.N. is a program supported by numerous organizations and agencies including: the Dyer County Farm Watch Program, Dyer County Extension Service, Dyer County Sheriff's Office and many others.

This FBI established system allows state and county to be assigned a number which is recorded in the NCIC (National Crime Information Center). A directory containing these numbers is available to each law enforcement agency for use in identifying the various state and counties.

You can sign up for an OAN by going to This information enables the law enforcement agencies to pinpoint ID numbers within any state and county in the U.S., whether stolen equipment is found across the country or within the same county.

Residents of Dyer County can register for the OAN online at Or contact your the county sheriff's office for more information at 731-285-2802.

Where should I mark my equipment?
It has been proven that thieves are hesitant to take items that can be readily identified. Placing signs, decals, and other visible information warning potential thieves that this equipment has been marked and registered with the local law enforcement officials my help to prevent a possible theft.

One of the key elements in marking equipment is uniformity. Locate the mark on the right side of the equipment as you are standing behind it.

On all equipment with non-removable tongues; manure spreaders, grain drills, auger wagons, etc., place ID number on right side on top of tongue, 12" to rear of hitch pin.

On 3 point equipment with tool bar, place ID number on top of tool bar adjacent to right hitch pin.

We recommend that you also mark your equipment in another location known only to you. If ID numbers are removed or destroyed, property can still be positively identified by the numbers on other locations.

Note: We suggest that the seller of equipment notify the new owner that the equipment has been marked. The new owner should then locate his number below the previous owner's number, so that the equipment can be traced from one owner to another. Do not alter or deface the previous owner's number.